Get Your Child to Sleep

Nighttime Products
Our nighttime products help eliminate the nighttime hassles of getting your kids to go to bed and stay there all night. They are designed to help kids fall asleep easier, stay in bed longer and get a more restful night’s sleep. For any parent who’s struggled with this – and we are no stranger to this in our own homes- these products are truly life changing.
Daytime Products
The Day Dreamzzz™ stories elicit a relaxation response in the brain to help children clear their mind and refocus their energy. In addition, the Smart Dreamzzz™ technique increases stimulation in areas of the brain related to attention, memory, problem-solving, and general happiness. Great for use at home or in the classroom, children can take just a few minutes a day to relax, unwind and experience a soothing journey inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and created specifically for young minds.