Our Local Helpers

Throughout this process, we have been fortunate to work with many talented people who live, work and play in Steamboat Springs, CO.  We’ve tried as best we can to keep this a truly local product, and along these lines thank:


Laura Lamun the purple-haired earthologist, blues singer, CEO of Little Moon Essentials, a loud-laugher, and author of The Garden of Earth.  Check out her great store at http://www.littlemoonessentials.com/


Steve Boynton does it all!  Singer, song-writer, musician, teacher, producer, and so much more.  His ear for picking out the slightest blemish is remarkable, and his cool presence is a blessing to our wild ride.  Check him out at http://www.steveboynton.com/


Steamboat Springs’ SCORE counselors work closely with the Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council and the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) to assist entrepreneurs and existing business owners, just like us!  Special thanks to Scott Ford for talking numbers with us, and saying “Why not!”