How to Use

How to Use – Directions from CD

Directions for Animal and Dino Dreamzzz:

Prior to Bedtime:

Tell your child that tonight they get to listen to an animal story that will help them fall asleep easily. Assure your child that these stories will help them relax and have a peaceful night’s sleep. Help your child create a nighttime intention, called a Sankalpa. Possibilities are endless, such as staying in bed all night, sleeping late in to the morning or anything your child want to achieve

Let your child choose the track they would like to hear.

During Bedtime:

For the first few nights you can stay in your child’s room, BUT NOT in their bed as they listen. After a couple of nights, you can leave the room as soon as you start the story.

A Few Notes:

This product is meant to be used as a healthy addition to a loving bedtime routine between child and parent. For more on a healthy bedtime routine and other parenting ideas visit

*Never let your child wear headphones while falling asleep!

Directions for Day Dreamzzz:


For Use at Home:

Children can listen to the Day Dreamzzz track either alone or with a parent. Often, it is beneficial to participate in the meditation with a parent the first few times. Children enjoy sharing what they experience during their journey and adults can receive the amazing benefits of meditation at the same time. We have found that Day Dreamzzz can be extremely helpful for use during quiet time, prior to doing homework, or before a family meal.

For Use in the Classroom:

Day Dreamzzz is beneficial for use in the classroom at any time of day. It can be a great opener to calm children and prepare them for learning, after recess, or in the afternoon to rejuvenate tired minds. Using the CD at a regular time and having children sit or lie in the same place each time increases their ability to reap the benefits of meditation. To expand upon the benefits of the tracks ask children draw a picture of their visualization and share their personal experiences.