The Story Behind Smart Dreamzzz™

Until recently, like many parents with young children, I spent nearly every evening manipulating, bribing, and begging my three and five year old kids to go to bed. Having a Ph.D. in Child, Family, and School Psychology, with an area of expertise in Parent Education, this was not something I was proud to admit. I tried in vain to create the perfect bedtime routine, but still most nights ended with a battle that left my husband and me feeling defeated and exhausted – a terrible ending to even the best of days.

When I heard a neuroscientist at a conference discuss how the brains of most young children in our society are in a constant state of “fight or flight” I was intrigued. The influence of media, technology, and over-scheduling gives young children little opportunity to let their minds unwind, and as a result, sleep can be evasive. Meanwhile, an emerging body of research suggests that meditation not only calms the brain, but enhances attention, concentration and memory.

Fascinated, I tried a meditation process with my children at bedtime to see if it could help them unwind and fall asleep easily. I discovered something magical in their immediate response and I began creating developmentally appropriate stories for them. Smart Dreamzzz™, was born. The tracks on these CDs have improved the bedtime routine and quality of sleep for everyone in my family dramatically. We continue to add daytime relaxations any time we need to quiet our minds and refocus our energy.

I hope that Smart Dreamzzz™ brings your family the same success!