Helping Kids Relax and Fall Asleep Easily


How it Works

For years adults have had access to the tools of meditation to help them with issues of sleep and stress management. Thanks to Smart Dreamzzz™ kids can now have these same types of resources in a fun and developmentally appropriate manner. Here’s how:

  • The Sleep CDs elicit a relaxation response in the brain that makes it easier for kids to fall asleep
  • The Daytime CDs stimulate areas of the brain related to attention, memory and problem-solving
  • All of our CDs introduce a mindful approach that will help create happiness in your home, day and night!

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Kristen Race, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristen RaceKristen Race, Ph.D., is a parent of two young children, as well as an expert in child, family and school psychology. Until recently, like many parents with young children, she spent nearly every evening manipulating, bribing, and begging her three and five year old kids to go to bed. Inspired by recent developments in the neurosciences as well as influences from the fields of positive psychology and mindfulness she came up with an idea to help. Read More >>

What People are Saying

“The first time I played the CD for my kids I laid on their floor because I was curious about what it would be like. I can’t really tell you exactly what it was like because we all were asleep within moments! Safe to say it works as well for me as it does my kids!”– Kelvin, Parent of 2 boys “I have had this problem for years. My daughter has always resisted going to bed and most evenings ended with me locking her in her room (a miserable solution for both of us!) This CD has restored a sense of peace in our house at night!”– Melissa, Mother of 3

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